Ayyy, what’s poppin! This is going to be an anonymous blog but I’m gonna tell you a few things about me! I am a complete goofball, always laughing, but I get really sad so easily. Well to be honest, I’m just a really insecure teenager who’s scared of this generation, kinda. There’s a lot of things I’m insecure about. My weight, my skin color, my nose, my outfits, my grades, it’s kind of hard to live in this generation. That’s why I want this to be a place where everyone who feels like me can just be themselves like me. I’m also pretty good with advice so EMAIL ME if you feel sad or mad or confused or just EMAIL ME FOR FUN!
Email: societiesdiary@gmail.com
My name on the email says Adeline Kane but I promise you my real name is wayy uglier and that’s fake. Also yes, I did make a gmail account for this blog!

I think this blog will mainly be a rant/list/advice/sort of diary blog. And now *drum roll* are five things about me. They’re not the same facts as the one from my first blog post ola but they’re just more!!

1) My favorite color’s Jade green (yes, that specific shade XD)

2) I don’t live in America or the U.K. (Yes, shocker!! Unlike the rest of the world I don’t live there)

3) I’ve never had a boyfriend, first kiss- nothing!! *im a pure child, just kidding* the world of boys seems to complicated and I’m really weird in front of them. Anyways why bother about boys when you have food!!

4) I don’t own a phone!! *oo that rhymed* I don’t really mind that I don’t have a phone, I’ve got an iPad and a MacBook that I share with my brother.

5) The reason why I started this blog was because last year I was a completely different person to who I am today, and have done horrible things to myself in order to fit in. I am still very insecure but I don’t hurt myself as much. I don’t want any other insecure teenager to do what I did to themselves and I want this to be a safe place where they don’t need to be scared of being themselves. If you feel that way, email me because I know what it’s like and could help you or follow to be part of this carefree family that has no name!!

Why don’t you guys give me a carefree family name, and the best one could get a follow?!?!
Love you all so so much xxxxxxx